A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino and betrays his boss

A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino an...

In the gambling world (and not only), it is not uncommon for illegal businessmen to become victims of gambling. Criticism from customers. This correlates interestingly with many philosophical treatises on the fact that “all evil destroys itself”.

A short story in this article tells another such case. This happened in Cyprus, where the gambling industry has been fully legal for many years and hosts many popular poker festivals.

“What about you, Brutus?”: Ludoman, 63, reported the casino where he was playing to police.

Although there are many legal land-based casinos in Cyprus, underground gambling still exists in Cyprus. island. Every year, local law enforcement clamps down on activity at such establishments, but this niche is constantly occupied by new illegal traders.

In Cyprus, another underground casino was recently shut down. Nothing unusual, except that the organizer of this underground venue ratted out his regular customers to the police. In the eloquently named city of Paphos, a 63-year-old resident came forward to issue a statement about organized illegal gambling.

It turned out that the player lost about 30,000 euros in the agency over a year, and then he just told the police about the organizer of the agency. Law enforcement was not idle either, conducting raids on the facility. As a result, illegal casino employees and their visitors were arrested. In particular, some elderly people were arrested, interrogated and charged before being released.

A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino an...

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  • This text highlights the occurrence of illegal gambling and the irony that illegal businessmen can become victims of their own actions. The story mentions a case in Cyprus where a 63-year-old gambler reported an underground casino to the police after losing a significant amount of money there. Law enforcement subsequently conducted raids, resulting in the arrest of both the illegal casino employees and their visitors, including some elderly individuals.

  • This text highlights the irony of illegal businessmen becoming victims of gambling and relates it to the concept that evil destroys itself. It tells the story of a 63-year-old man who reported an illegal casino in Cyprus where he lost 30,000 euros, resulting in arrests and charges for the employees and visitors of the underground venue.

  • This text highlights the irony of illegal gambling operators becoming victims of their own illegal activities. It also sheds light on the ongoing issue of underground gambling in Cyprus, despite the presence of legal options. The actions of the 63-year-old resident in reporting the illegal activities to the police resulted in arrests and charges for the casino employees and their customers.

  • It is ironic that illegal businessmen in the gambling world can become victims of their own practices, as seen in this case in Cyprus. The fact that the organizer of an underground casino reported his own customers to the police showcases how all evil can eventually destroy itself.

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