Ali Imsirovic pleads guilty to cheating charges

Imsirovich wrote a confession but did not admit to...

In 2022, a wave of allegations against two poker pros, Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler, swept the poker world. First their unfair play was reported by other contestants, and then the tournament series began with bans imposed.

Only PokerGO officially announced this. The couple were rumored to have been banned from performing at PokerStars and Triton’s live music festivals, and stopped performing after numerous cheating allegations.

Both went into “radio silence” mode and no one commented on the incident. While Schindler showed up at the WSOP and even won his first bracelet, Imsirovic completely disappeared from the poker radar.

So he broke his silence on Sunday. A 28-minute recording in which Ali Imsirovich admitted to cheating was released on YouTube. But just one thing: The Bosnian claims he’s only used multi-accounts and so-called “horse racing” in online poker for four to five months during the pandemic.

According to Ali, this was the only deceit he ever committed. Imsirovic categorically denies all other allegations, including the use of RTA and the fact that he checked his opponent’s cards at a live table.

According to the poker pro, the incident has hit his family hard. He wants to end the raid:

“I feel like I’ve paid off all my debts and I want to forget about it,” Imsirovich said.

In addition to his regrets, Ali singled out that most of his accusers were themselves involved in similar fraudulent activities.

In 2022, Ali Imsirovic is one of the most promising players in live poker. His total winnings are more than $18 million, and he won more than a dozen expensive tournaments in the six months before his ban.

As practice has shown, moments like this are long remembered in the poker world. Ali is unlikely to make a smooth comeback anytime soon.

Imsirovich wrote a confession but did not admit to...

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  • This text discusses allegations of cheating against poker pros Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler in 2022. While Schindler continued to participate in tournaments and even won a bracelet, Imsirovic remained silent until a 28-minute recording was released on YouTube where he admitted to using multi-accounts but denied other cheating allegations.

  • This text discusses the allegations and subsequent admission of cheating by poker pros Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler in 2022. It highlights Imsirovic’s disappearance from the poker scene and his recent admission to using multi-accounts during the pandemic, while denying other accusations. It suggests that these events will have a lasting impact on Imsirovic’s career and chances of a successful comeback in the near future.

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    It appears that Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler were caught cheating in the poker world, leading to their bans from tournaments. While Imsirovic admitted to some deceit, he denies other allegations and his reputation may be damaged for the foreseeable future.

  • This text describes a scandal in the poker world involving allegations of cheating against professionals Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler. Imsirovic recently admitted to using multi-accounts and horse racing during the pandemic, but denies other cheating accusations. The incident has had significant repercussions on his career and reputation.

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