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KSOP: Looking back at 5 highlights from the track’s historic stage

KSOP GGPoker SA: 5 highlights of the historic trac...

The last 15 days have seen some great table action happening in the heart of Rio. The KSOP GGPoker South America was a huge success, with a few names standing out in the series. Mundo Poker also remembers some shining names:

Look at these!

Rodrigo Anacoretto

Performing well on a stage like KSOP GGPoker South America is already important; how about having two? Rodrigo Anacoretto, known as “Danone”, is one of the few players who can boast this. This was because he got off to a great start with a win in the warm-up event, and a few days later he also ended up in fourth place in the High Roller event on a very positive note. The two wins combined earned him R$580,000.

Pedro Neves

Two podium finishes – one of which ended in a knockout – has given him a gave him his impression of how productive the Portuguese star’s stage presence was. He entered the final table of the Super High Roller event as the chip leader, but failed to convert that lead into a title. Anyway: A few days later, he defeated Omaholic SHR in a heads-up match with star Dan Cates. This is an excellent milestone for Pedro Neves.

Bruno Nogueira

The KSOP GGPoker South America has been going very well for the player from Acre, but not necessarily because of eliminations or a series of leaderboards. Podium. Bruno Nogueira participated in the Monster Mystery KO 6-Max match and when he eliminated his opponent, he took out an envelope containing the largest mystery bounty ever on Brazilian soil, worth 250,000 reais Er – almost 300,000 reais as a prize for the winner. Certainly a piece of good luck that will never be forgotten.


“Shevii2k” walked away with two KSOP GGPoker South American Championship trophies – and it is undeniable that one of them was the only one in this tournament. It’s an invitation-only tournament, but it’s not without quality players on the field. In addition to the GGPoker star’s challenge, he also won a Kings Turbo and was broadcast live by streamers and players. This was definitely an unforgettable event.

Rafael Takeda

Another player to win two Riocentro trophies is Rafael Takeda – but only he really got his money’s worth in the last two campaigns days worth. First, he was eliminated from the latest edition of the KSOP GGPoker SA Kings Turbo on Tuesday, and the next day, Raphael returned to the lobby to cheer on another standout player in the high rollers, “Danone.” But he got a Mega KO on the last day and lo and behold, he got the win too, picking up two good prizes on his way home.

KSOP GGPoker SA: 5 highlights of the historic trac...

“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

In a very busy period for the biggest competition in the world, ‘yasee’ had a great time after finishing on the R$ 250 Battle HR podium. He won R$ 32,888 as the first among 731 entrants.

On the other hand, “WebXXXX” had a lot of fun in the HighS 75K GTD for a prize of R$ 750. He won 19,513 reais by outdoing 84 opponents. View other results:

R$75 Battle 75K GTD (1,406 entrants)

Winner: “Smaug10” R$ 15,171

R$ 550 Mini HighS 40K GTD (78 entries)

Winner: “Pablo Marcal” R$ 11,434

R$ 50 Big Plus 50K GTD (581 entrants)

Winner: “Ausentejaja” R$ 8,200

R$ 15 Plus 50K GTD (1,751 entrants )

Champion: “deBorestttt” R$ 7,907

“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

SA: Peterson Machado captures 2KK title in main event

GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado sees perfect river ca...

Carioca star Peterson Machado made his professional debut as a Team Pro KSOP GGPoker and, as always, shined at the tables. He’s already had some FT results and finished third in the elimination round for a nice bonus. If he doesn’t already have the title, he has another big chance in the main event of the series.

Peterson is one of the big names still active in the game and second division. On his third day of playing, he won a pot worth over 2 million chips. The Rio de Janeiro native took advantage of a perfect river card to successfully go all-in against Jeronimo Abalos, even knocking his opponent out of the title match.

The blinds for this game are 8,000/16,000. Peterson from UTG raised his stack to 32,000, and the only caller was Jeronimo Abalos in the small blind. The flop came and the Brazilian bet 32,000 chips. Abalos called again, and the turn brought a third diamond, revealing .

With top pair and a nut flush draw, Peterson called a 50,000-chip bet, only to see Abalos check-raise to 152,000. With a decision and in position, Carioca would rather simply call. Then he saw the perfect river. A completes the board and gives the Brazilian Flush Nut. Jeronimo Abalos became suspicious and slowed down to take a look.

Peterson didn’t care. With more chips in hand, he brought the Argentine into play and announced an all-in move of 475,000, which matched his opponent’s stack. Abalos immediately began to think, threw the time card forward, and pondered for a while. Peterson still seemed a little nervous and dropped some chips.

Soon after, Abalos decided to call and realized he was wrong. He opened with , which wasn’t enough to beat the Brazilian’s hand, so Peterson took the pot with over 1.4k in chips, handing over two 2KKs for the first time in the tournament. And the “so-called” Tyr is just a flying beetle. What a great pot!

GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado sees perfect river ca...

Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Sunday Million

Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Su...

For the second year in a row, the only Brazilian player failed to make it past the five-hand stage in the Sunday Million decider. Rio de Janeiro’s Guilherme Stoliar was the victim of a crushing defeat, leaving PokerStars with $22,754, his best result in an MTT on the site.

Guilherme, who ran the account “calcinha92”, quickly left the battle for the Sunday Financial Times Million account. After 5 hands, he led with K♥5♠ and declared an all-in 12 BBS. The big “Blowknockout” bid revealed A♣J♦. The 3♣7♠K♠7♥6♠ card brought a card from Guilherme and he got a reprieve.

At the same level, Guilherme was one card away from losing again against a “blowknockout” pair, but the player from Mexico hit a runner-up-runner-up flush to collect his opponent’s Bounty. Here’s what happened:

With blinds of 2,000,000/4,000,000 and an ante of 500,000, Guilherme defended his big hand and called blowknockout’s min-raise. The flop came Q♠2 10 ♦ , blowknockout called a continuation bet of 6,765,000. Guilherme then responded with a check-raise, all-in for 50,056,128. blowknockout called and showed Q 6♥. Guilherme held Q♥J and went all-in on round 3, But the river card of 7 caused him to collapse.

Registering for a $10,782 $109 entry, PokerStars has exceeded the $1,000,000 guarantee and paid out $1,078,200 in this week’s prizes.

Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Su...

BSOP Millions: Leandro Bustillo, Juan Barattini and Jorge Ramella ft.

BSOP Millions: Leandro Bustillo, Juan Barattini an...

New players from Latin America reached final tables in BSOP Millions 2023 festival events: Argentina’s Juan Barattini, Aramis Salvadori and Leandro Bustillo, Panama’s Jose Severino and Uruguay’s Jorge Ramella.

Event #45 No Breaks Turbo K.O.

The tournament had 214 entries of R$ 1,500 (u$s 306) and a guaranteed pot of R$ 100,000 (u$s 20,449). Among the finalists there were two Argentineans. One of them was Aramis Salvadori, who finished ninth, winning R$ 3,300 (u$s 674). The other was Juan Barattini, who finished second and won a prize of R$ 22,000 (u$s 4,498).

The finalists of Event #45

Event #30 Mystery K.O. LAPT

It had 398 entries of R$ 5,000 (u$s 1,022) and a guaranteed pot of R$ 500,000 (u$s 102,248). Leandro Bustillo was the first eliminated of the final table and for the ninth place he won R$ 16,050 (u$s 3,282).

The final table of Event #30

Event #39 1-Day High Rollers PKO

It had 163 entries of R$ 10,000 (u$s 2,044) and a guaranteed prize pool of R$ 1,000,000 (u$s 204,497). José Severino finished ninth and collected R$ 17,100 (US$ 3,496). Uruguayan Jorge Ramella reached the podium and won R$ 95,000 (u$s 19,427) for third place.

BSOP Millions: Leandro Bustillo, Juan Barattini an...

Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

WSOP Paradise has just kicked off in the Bahamas and Latin Armada is already making a splash, especially thanks to Damian Salas, who created It’s all about the Finalists in Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Championship, and today it’s all about the title and the $2.7 million the winner will take home.

After two initial tournaments at Atlantis Resort and another online tournament at GGPoker , the competition attracted 533 entrants and was worth $25,000, with a prize of $13,325,000, far exceeding the guaranteed $10 million.

Ivan Luca is back and intact after a long year of performing live.

At least 80 players made it to day two on Thursday, and Salas, the day’s leader, ended the competition in first place as well Why: With 14,225,000 chips and about 23 BBs, he is one of eight finalists who finished sixth with 51 BBs under German Daniel Smiljkovic. It’s not a big deal. The advantage in terms of chip stack is not a big deal.

Adrian Mateos has 11,325,000 chips (18 BB) and is one of the championship dreamers. The Spaniard, who holds four WSOP bracelets, is considered one of the candidates to face Salas for the 2021 World Series Main Event Champion.

The eight players still competing have already earned at least $267,500, but now the target is a first-place finish of $2,726,300, with the top three receiving seven-figure bonuses. This Friday, Day 3 starts at 2pm on level 28 with blinds of 300,000/600,000 and a big blind stake of another 600,000.

WSOP Paradise – Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Tournament

Buy-in: $25,000

Entry:: 533

Pot: $13,325,000

Average Stack: 16,656,250

Blinds: Level 27 (250,000/500,000 /500,000)

Next money:Eighth place, $267,500

Final Table

1st Place: Daniel Smiljkovic – 30,800,000 (51 BB)

2nd Place: Frank Brannan – 16,200,000 (27 BB)

Third Place: Samuel Mullur – 9,150,000 (15 BB)

Fourth Place: Adrian Mateos – 11,325,000 (18 BB)

Fifth Place: Klemens Roiter – 17,700,000 (29 BBs)

Sixth place: Arunas Sapitavicius – 17,725,000 (29 BBs)

Seventh place: Damien Salas – 14,225,000 (23 BBs) Eighth:Matthew Stumpf – 16,300,000 (27 BB)


1. – $2,726,3002. $1,684,5003. $1,192,3004° $856,8005° $625,4006° $463,7007° $349,4008. USD 267,500

Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

Lisa Costello Leads 2023 WPT Women’s Championship Campeona

Lisa Costello Leads 2023 WPT Women's Championship...

The 2023 WPT Women’s Championship came to an end yesterday at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, with Lisa Costello emerging as the big winner.

This women’s-only event is part of the 2023 WPT World Cup and takes place from December 6-8. There were 457 entries worth $1,100, with the top 53 finishers taking home $443,290. The only Latin American player to make it to the ITM was Brazilian Thais Procopio, who finished 25th and earned $3,141.

The big winner was Lisa Costello, who earned her career: $85,297. She beat vlogger Ashley Sleeth in heads-up play, who finished in second place for $57,069.

Lisa Costello Leads 2023 WPT Women's Championship...

Players ejected after fight at EPT Prague Main Event

An Italian player was ejected from the EPT Prague...

An off-table brawl resulted in a player being disqualified on Day 1B of the EPT Prague Main Event. Italy’s Michele Nizzardelli punched Sweden’s Ghattas Kortas in the face and was disqualified by the organization after knocking out his opponent.

According to Poker News, the two players had argued in the previous hand, with Nizzardelli deemed the winner after a check on the river. Then the short-stacked Cortas went all-in with a pair of ten after a 3-bet from Italian AKo. The flop brought a king and ended the game for the Swede, who was so annoyed with his opponent that when he stood up from the table, he threw his opponent’s hat to the ground.

Nizzardelli pushed Kortas in the back, who then turned and walked back to the Italian. As the two men approached, Nizardelli head-butted the Swede on the nose and the Swede fell to the ground.

Security forces were on site and Italians were immediately excluded from the event. It is unclear whether the player will be punished in the future.

The buy-in fee for the EPT Prague Main Event is 5,300 euros, and a total of 1,285 people registered. Day 2 is underway until 191 players remain, at which point the ITM bubble will burst. Brazilians Elias Neto and Cairo El Kadre are still in contention, while the top three chips are Swede Omar Eljach (603,000), Belgian Arthur Thiriart (573,000) and Serbian Jovan Kenjic (567,000).

An Italian player was ejected from the EPT Prague...

Henrique Lessa leads the WSOP Paradise Main Event after the second day

Henrique Lessa secures spot in WSOP Paradise Main...

Day 2 of the WSOP Paradise Main Event has concluded with Brazil taking home the $2 million first place prize. A total of 59 players advanced to Day 3, with Samba Poker Team’s Henrique Lessa emerging as the chip leader with 8,640,000 in chips.

Brazil has eight representatives for Day 3. In addition to Lessa, stars include Vitor Dzivielevski (4,360,000), Gabriel Schroeder (2,600,000), Pedro Garagnani (2,385,000), Kelvin Kerber (1,305,000), Luigi Soncin (1,150,000), Rodrigo Selouan (840,000) and Wellington Araujo (603) , 000) all alive. Each has earned at least $32,200 in the $5,000 buy-in tournament.

A total of 3,010 players registered for this event, and 447 players received prizes. Lessa, who was eliminated on Day 1C, has a slight advantage over WSOP Main Event third-place finisher and current chip leader Adam Walton, who enters Day 3 with 8,480,000 in chips. Other notable players still alive include Jacopo Achille (4,060,000), Bryce Yockey (2,610,000) and David Peters (2,530,000), who all have WSOP bracelets.

The match will resume at 4pm (BST) on Wednesday. The remaining 59 players will vie for a spot in Thursday’s six-person final table. The blinds are back to 40,000/80,000.

Henrique Lessa secures spot in WSOP Paradise Main...

Istvan Briski is WPT® Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll® Champion

Istvan Briski wins WPT® Seminole Rock Poker Open C...

Itsvan Briski was crowned champion of the 2023 WPT® Seminole Rock Poker Open on Wednesday night. The 30-year-old Hungarian player won his first World Poker Tour® title and secured a spot in the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup for a top prize of $752,500, including the WPT World at Wynn Las Vegas Seats in the tournament are worth $10,400.

“It’s awesome to be a WPT champion,” Briskey responded to his victory. “I ran really well in the race. I made it to the end and I’m really happy.”

A total of 1,447 participants from both starting groups (655 participants on Day 1A and 792 participants on Day 1A). Day 1B) features the $3,500 buy-in championship event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Hollywood Casino. The tournament generated a total prize pool of $4,630,400, paid out to the top 181 players.

“It was great to see another strong game at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.” Hollywood Casino, our long-time player. “Has been an outstanding casino partner,” said WPT Managing Director Adam Pliska.“Congratulations to Istvan Briski on his championship win. ”

After Sandy Sanchez was eliminated in third place, Istvan Briski and Rayon Chamath agreed to split the price of first and second place. The first-place finisher takes home $647,300 and a spot in the WPT World Championship worth $10,400, while the second-place finisher takes home $600,000.

Here’s a breakdown of the final table prize money:

1. itsvan Briski – $647,300, plus a $10,400 spot in the WPT World Championship.2. Rayan Chamas – $600,0003. Sandy Sanchez – $366,5004. Fred Goldberg – $274,0005. Matt Bono – $206,9006. Darryll Fish – $157,800.

Other notable players receiving awards include 2022 WPT Player of the Year Chad Eveslage (No. 19), three-time WPT Champion Anthony Zinno (No. 47), and Yuval Bronshtein (No. 57). ), three-time WPT Champion Alex Foxen (No. 59), WPT Champion Chance Kornuth (No. 69) and three-time WPT Champion Brian Altman (No. 72).

This marks the WPT’s final championship stop before heading to Las Vegas for the season finale, the WPT World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas. The festival begins today and runs through December 23, headlined by the $10,400 World Championships, which runs from December 12-21.

Istvan Briski wins WPT® Seminole Rock Poker Open C...

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