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Caesars sells Rio casino

Caesars has sold

For many World Series participants, the Rio Casino became “Home of the WSOP.” The complex, which hosted guests from 2005 to 2021, received a lot of criticism each year for issues such as long lines and non-working air conditioning. Yet thousands of players still travel to the facility to compete for gold bracelets.

Rio has been managed by Caesars Entertainment, but that era could be over as soon as Monday. “Caesars sold the casino to another company, Dreamscape Companies LLC. The company will begin managing the complex on October 2.

Until then, room reservations will be made on the Caesars website. However, On Monday, Dreamscape will launch a new website with checkout functionality and changes to hotel and casino rules to include its own poker chips.

Meanwhile, all entertainment shows and restaurants have been linked to new owners The contract has been renegotiated and will remain unchanged. , so initially it will be guest, please note there is no difference with the change of management.

The sale took place back in 2019, but the terms of the deal stated Caesars will continue to manage the complex and will also have the rights to host the World Series until they find a more convenient location.

In 2022, the WSOP moved to Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas, venues also owned by Caesars Management. These are two complexes that can accommodate more players than their predecessors.

Rio All-Suites History

The Rio first opened in 1990 and is now considered an outdated building. Some of the hotels and casinos built in Las Vegas over the years have been demolished, but Dreamscape has no intention of destroying the legend. Exact plans are unclear, but the company announced it will invest nine figures in home renovations that will make Sin City’s flagship casino even more beautiful and comfortable.

Caesars has sold

Stephen Chidwick won the Purple Jacket.

Stephen Chidwick tries on the purple Poker Masters...

While online poker is entirely focused on its two flagship events: WSOP Online and WCOOP, the Classic Poker Masters Series in the United States has come to an end. As usual, the tournament takes place inside the Aria Casino, with the winner receiving a purple jacket in addition to the prize money – similar to popular golf tournaments.

The series traditionally brings together the best players. Daniel Negreanu, the infamous Chino Rome, Alex Foxen, Nick Petrangelo, Jonathan Jaffe, Justin Bonomo and other famous high rollers come to compete for the title.

There are 10 tournaments in total, with buy-ins ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. The point of the Poker Masters isn’t the prize money, it’s the purple jacket. This year’s top prize went to British legend Stephen Chidwick.

He had a close series, winning four events:

  • #6 $10,000 – No. 6 , with a bonus of $57,000.
  • #8 $25,000 – First place, $400,000.
  • #9 $25 ,000 – Third place, $148,000.
  • #10 $50,000 – Second place, $504,000.

The fight for the championship jacket goes on until the end – there are several contenders for this title. However, Chidwick beat everyone, and already in 3-max mode, secured a ranked victory.

The Englishman found himself 5-1 down behind Jonathan Jaffe in the heads-up match, which he quickly claimed victory. Expanding his chips, he was one step away from his second victory, but his offense was more clinical. Jonathan set it up for his opponent and Chidwick quickly followed suit.

The preflop and flop advantage turned into a loser on the river, when the dealer dealt a 3 and gave Jonathan the win. However, that didn’t stop Chidwick from becoming the series champion. He took home the Poker Masters Purple Jacket trophy for the first time.

With his latest victory, Stephen now ranks third on the all-time money list, knocking Negreanu off the top spot with $52,320,121.

Stephen Chidwick tries on the purple Poker Masters...

News about the WCOOP Series

Gleb Tremzin wins sixth WCOOP title, Strebkov’s re...

While WSOP bracelets are up for grabs on PokerOK, the traditional Autumn World Championship of Online Poker – the WCOOP – is in full swing on PokerStars.

Many Russian-speaking players taking part in this tournament series include Denis Strebkov and Gleb Tremzin, who never miss a COOP festival.

The series didn’t start off very successfully for Gleb – a few Dipras and no final table the next day. Last night, though, he finally triumphed again.

The championship was won in the NLO8 event with a buy-in of $215 and a guarantee of $75,000. It attracted 372 entrants, but random entries are rare for mixed races.

In the 3-Max competition, Ti0373 struck a deal with opponents from Finland and Poland, giving the Russian player victory. By WCOOP standards, first place didn’t net Gleb much: $5,237 + $4,245 in bonuses. For Tremzin, however, it’s more about another title than the prize money.

Strebkov Returns

Denis Strebkov last shined at the 2018 WCOOP Series before disappearing into the sunset. Now, five years later, Russians are back to their autumn festivals. aDrENalin710 played a $5.50 cheap tournament in an unfamiliar format of Texas Hold’em, days after Dennis defeated the H.O.R.S.E. World Champion. $1,050. The victory was his eleventh in a WCOOP tournament.

Benny Glazer breaks all records

Russian Denis Strebkov is the highest-scoring player at the WCOOP, but he faces stiff competition. American poker pro Benny Glazer got off to a strong start, winning his 13th WCOOP title at the Equator, tying Strebkov’s record of five consecutive bracelets.

Almost all of his wins have come in mixed games: No Limit 2-7 Single Draw, PLO8, NL 5-card Draw, etc.

After a successful start, Benny Glazer became the absolute record holder in the Spring and Autumn Splits:

No one on earth has as many championships and as many PokerStars bracelets as Benny. However, most of the World Series of Online Poker action is yet to come.

Gleb Tremzin wins sixth WCOOP title, Strebkov’s re...

Irishman Mark McDonald wins the jackpot of the deal

Irishman Mark McDonnell wins The Deal on PokerStar...

A few years ago, PokerStars introduced a mini-game in its client called “The Deal Jackpot” that had little to do with poker. Here’s its essence: The player bets 7 or 70 earned Star Coins, and then seven closed cards are dealt. Two cards must be dealt to the pass, and according to Texas Hold’em rules, the remaining five cards must be used to form a combination.

Prizes start in pairs (paid in Star Coins). , Royal Flush and Royal Flush not only have cash payouts, but also wheel spins, bonuses and jackpots.

Essentially, this is an ordinary lottery “poker ticket”, and professional players do not pay much attention to this kind of entertainment, despite accumulating a large number of coins to draw.

Yesterday, however, Irishman Mark McDonald showed that even in this form, variance can be a shot. Mike played Trading Jackpot and successfully collected one of two combinations that unlocked the roulette wheel. Getting a straight or royal flush from five random cards is already a win.

Mike decided to videotape the next stage. The roulette wheel has eight sections: seven areas with $1,000 prizes and one area with a jackpot. It didn’t spin for long, and to Mike’s surprise, it stayed at the jackpot mark.

The total prize money was $826,393, but according to the rules, Mike got half – $413,196. The other half is divided equally among all players who won in the last 12 hours. So Mike has a surprise for everyone who spends Star Coins.

What makes this story compelling is that Mark McDonald is a professional gamer with nearly $2 million in tournament winnings. He has cashed in the Sunday Million and numerous WSOP events, including Millionaire Maker: fourth place for $420,085.

Irishman Mark McDonnell wins The Deal on PokerStar...

Yuri Martins gets two WCOOP FTs on Saturday

Yuri Martins makes the final table of the $10,300...

Yuri Martins is already a champion, with four second-place finishes and other final tables in this WCOOP, but he’s still keeping his foot firmly on the gas pedal. A hard-fought battle on Thursday (28th) saw the Brazilian poker star reach two final tables that will be decided on Saturday. There’s something for everyone, with high rollers and 8-game tournaments both on the list.

First, “theNERDguy” managed to secure the role by securing the FT in Event #86-H ($10,300 NLHE Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill High). The high-stakes tournament, which had 83 entrants, came to a standstill as the money bubble burst, leaving just nine players at the final table. Oddly enough, eliminations are happening at every table at the same time.

There will therefore be eight players at the final table, with the Brazilian having the smallest stack. Yuri has 199,268 chips, the equivalent of 12 big blinds. The chip leader is “Mikesonas” with 2,831,404 chips. His main rivals include David Peters “dpeters17” (812,794), Jans Arends “Graftekkel” (798,916) and Daniel Dvoress “Oxota” (221,304).

The winner received $97,936 plus bonuses. The event is scheduled for Saturday (30) at 1:30pm. The blinds are back to 8,000 / 16,000.

Event #87-H

After some time, Yuri started looking for the final table of Event #87-H ($2,100 8 – Game [Max 6 people] ). The tournament has a high turnout with 40 entrants across 8 different modes. Only five players will be added to the prize pool, and the tournament will only be canceled after the money bubble bursts.

It was a real struggle, but Yuri managed to hold on and reach the final act of the game with 312,620 chips. The chip leader is Denmark’s “Senkel92” with 1,207,566 chips. Just behind Yuri in chips is Russian Denis Strebkov, “aDrENalin710”, who was the biggest winner of the series until he was passed by Benny Glaser in this edition.

Fifth Place Prize $5,115 Five finalists will compete for $33,775 in prize money. The game will also be held on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Yuri will have two chances to win the Enea and Decacampeonato in the PokerStars Series, who knows.

Yuri Martins makes the final table of the $10,300...

Daniel Negreanu added Bonomo’s process and AA’s analysis; Komphela

Daniel Negreanu throws AA into the pot against Jus...

Day one of the eighth Super High Roller Bowl has attracted some of the best players in the world, and it’s clear there will be good hands to analyze. Defending champion Daniel Negreanu sparked a heated discussion on Twitter. The Canadian caused quite a stir on the podium as he recounted his knockout of Justin Bonomo.

The post reads: “Level 1 (500/1,000), SHRB hand history: this is the third time.” On this line, I 3bet Orpen (Kisacikoglu) from the small blind 2,500 to 7,500. This time I have. Bonomo started from the big blind and bet 4 times to 22,500. I’ll make 55,000. The flop is .I check/dial 30,000. Turn, check. river. I bet 20,000. He went all-in for $199,000. Would you call on the river? ”

Negreanu didn’t call and there was no Bonomo showdown. So he thought about what the American could have. After hearing Jeremy Becker say he should call the 4bet , the Canadian replied: “What are some of his bluffs on the turn that he doesn’t bet? Are there diamonds in AQ? I think he has:,,,,,KK,TT. What bluff? There are a few hands where you fold here before the flop. Maybe JJ is carrying diamonds, I don’t know. ”

João Vieira, “Naza114” asked: “I think you should make a small continuation bet after 5bet, why are you checking Mr. Daniel? Landon Tice told us how he played this hand postflop: “Continuation bet the flop, bet the turn, bet the river, and without that I would be sad to fold on the river , but the game is the game.”

For example, Bryan Paris, one of the game’s great theorists, is very light on 3-bet sizing. There have been a lot of comments dissecting the hand, but so far, no one knows what Justin Bonomo’s hand is. Second place on the all-time money list has Negreanu curious. Would you play differently? Would you fold AA on the river?

Daniel Negreanu throws AA into the pot against Jus...

Maurice Hawkins regains WSOP Circuit lead

Maurice Hawkins regains lead in WSOP Circuit gold...

Former WSOP Circuit gold ring record holder Maurice Hawkins has regained the lead in ring play. Just a month ago, another American poker player matched his win tally. Josh Reichard won his 14th ring and joined Maurice at the top spot.

Hawkins did not wait long and quickly regained the lead in this game. He easily bested 92 entries in the $2,200 WSOP-C Cherokee Stop High Roller to take home $54,599 and a gold ring.

The award is the 15th of his career and sets the record for most rings among poker players. Josh Reichard is one winner behind. However, given his hard work, he could be a strong contender.

It’s worth noting that despite Morris’s great success in terms of gold rings and main event wins (in consecutive years), he’s far behind the receiving Price standings in the standings. According to WSOP Circuit statistics, he had 142 passes into the ITM zone. The current record is held by Roland Israelashvili, who has 214 bonuses.

Maurice Hawkins’ total winnings, including WSOP Circuit Series wins, are $2,252,265.

WSOP-C Cherokee The victory in the High Roller Event was Morris’ first in his long tenure. The Floridian last won the title three years ago, coinciding with the eruption of scandal surrounding his supporters. According to some players, Morris is owed a six-figure sum and has yet to pay a percentage of his winnings. The case almost went to court, but the topic has since disappeared from the media.

This year’s race for the ring is going to be exciting – organizers of the WSOP Circuit Series announced at the start of the year. There are a ton of events taking place across the U.S. this year, with a record number of online festivals.

Maurice Hawkins regains lead in WSOP Circuit gold...

A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino and betrays his boss

A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino an...

In the gambling world (and not only), it is not uncommon for illegal businessmen to become victims of gambling. Criticism from customers. This correlates interestingly with many philosophical treatises on the fact that “all evil destroys itself”.

A short story in this article tells another such case. This happened in Cyprus, where the gambling industry has been fully legal for many years and hosts many popular poker festivals.

“What about you, Brutus?”: Ludoman, 63, reported the casino where he was playing to police.

Although there are many legal land-based casinos in Cyprus, underground gambling still exists in Cyprus. island. Every year, local law enforcement clamps down on activity at such establishments, but this niche is constantly occupied by new illegal traders.

In Cyprus, another underground casino was recently shut down. Nothing unusual, except that the organizer of this underground venue ratted out his regular customers to the police. In the eloquently named city of Paphos, a 63-year-old resident came forward to issue a statement about organized illegal gambling.

It turned out that the player lost about 30,000 euros in the agency over a year, and then he just told the police about the organizer of the agency. Law enforcement was not idle either, conducting raids on the facility. As a result, illegal casino employees and their visitors were arrested. In particular, some elderly people were arrested, interrogated and charged before being released.

A player loses €30,000 in an underground casino an...

It’s official: Poker has been recognized as a sport in Spain

It’s official: Poker has been recognized as a spor...

The Spanish nation loves to play poker. Many big series are produced within the borders of this country. The most eye-catching is the EPT Barcelona, ​​which has always attracted many famous people.

Recently, the Spanish Ministry of Finance decided to make this card game more popular. In fact, poker is officially recognized as a sport and poker players are athletes. This was done to simplify and solve the card game’s control issues. In addition, professional-level billiards and chess players were granted athlete status.

The 3 most profitable poker players in Spain

Topping the Spanish all-time money list is Adrian Mateos: he has won around $33,000,000 throughout his career. In second place is Sergio Aido ($15,500,000) and in third place is Carlos Mortensen ($12,000,000).

The country is now becoming more attractive to poker players. This could lead to a return of Spanish players who had migrated to the UK, which has a more liberal attitude towards poker.

It should be noted that until a few years ago, the Spanish poker community was one of a kind. They are the biggest. But strict laws have led many athletes to emigrate to other countries. Now that poker has been officially recognized as a sport in Spain, they may change their minds.

It’s official: Poker has been recognized as a spor...

WSOP Withdrawal Questions

There's nothing unusual about the odd payout distr...

Late registration for the WSOP Main Event has ended. With 10,043 participants, the game set a record in World Series history. However, players’ joy at the numbers was replaced by confusion when organizers announced the prize amounts. First place prize money is $12,100,000 and the final table prize money is $900,000.

This sparked a lot of discussion – Jamie Gold won $12,000,000 in 2006 when 8,773 players signed up for the tournament. Many players accused the WSOP of needlessly increasing the prize pool and joked that the winner should only have one ITM.

However, it turns out that there is nothing unusual about this decision. Over the past 17 years, some changes have taken place in the prize structure, and this year’s prize distribution is roughly the same as the previous Main Event.

There were 8,663 entrants in 2022, with champion Espen Jørstad taking home $10,000,000, or 12.4% of the $80.78 million total. In 2021, Koray Aldemir won $8,000,000 – that’s 12.9% of the $62,000,000 bankroll.

The 2023 WSOP champion received a similar 12.9% payout, and the extra $100,000 was only necessary to further bolster the tournament record-breaking achievement.

The big jump in salaries between first and second place is also making waves online: $12,100,000 vs $6,500,000. However, the runner-up received a lower percentage than the previous year. Jorstad’s opponent won $6,000,000 (60% of the first prize). In the upcoming heads-up match, the runner-up will receive 53.7% of the first-place prize.

Despite these explanations, some poker pros remain unhappy with the prize formula. , especially not everyone is going to be a millionaire at the final table. Many are urging the WSOP to take the format of this prestigious event and make it known to all players.

There's nothing unusual about the odd payout distr...

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