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Daniel Negreanu throws AA into the pot against Jus...

Day one of the eighth Super High Roller Bowl has attracted some of the best players in the world, and it’s clear there will be good hands to analyze. Defending champion Daniel Negreanu sparked a heated discussion on Twitter. The Canadian caused quite a stir on the podium as he recounted his knockout of Justin Bonomo.

The post reads: “Level 1 (500/1,000), SHRB hand history: this is the third time.” On this line, I 3bet Orpen (Kisacikoglu) from the small blind 2,500 to 7,500. This time I have. Bonomo started from the big blind and bet 4 times to 22,500. I’ll make 55,000. The flop is .I check/dial 30,000. Turn, check. river. I bet 20,000. He went all-in for $199,000. Would you call on the river? ”

Negreanu didn’t call and there was no Bonomo showdown. So he thought about what the American could have. After hearing Jeremy Becker say he should call the 4bet , the Canadian replied: “What are some of his bluffs on the turn that he doesn’t bet? Are there diamonds in AQ? I think he has:,,,,,KK,TT. What bluff? There are a few hands where you fold here before the flop. Maybe JJ is carrying diamonds, I don’t know. ”

João Vieira, “Naza114” asked: “I think you should make a small continuation bet after 5bet, why are you checking Mr. Daniel? Landon Tice told us how he played this hand postflop: “Continuation bet the flop, bet the turn, bet the river, and without that I would be sad to fold on the river , but the game is the game.”

For example, Bryan Paris, one of the game’s great theorists, is very light on 3-bet sizing. There have been a lot of comments dissecting the hand, but so far, no one knows what Justin Bonomo’s hand is. Second place on the all-time money list has Negreanu curious. Would you play differently? Would you fold AA on the river?

Daniel Negreanu throws AA into the pot against Jus...

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    This text highlights a discussion sparked by Daniel Negreanu’s knockout of Justin Bonomo in the eighth Super High Roller Bowl. Negreanu didn’t call Bonomo’s all-in on the river, leading to speculation about Bonomo’s hand. Different players have suggested various strategies and opinions, but ultimately, Bonomo’s hand remains unknown.

  • This text discusses Day one of the eighth Super High Roller Bowl and highlights the intriguing hand played by Daniel Negreanu against Justin Bonomo. It presents different perspectives on Negreanu’s decision and speculates on what Bonomo’s hand could have been.

  • This text provides a detailed analysis of a high-stakes poker hand involving Daniel Negreanu and Justin Bonomo. It shows the strategic decisions made by the players and the discussion that followed, highlighting the complexity of high-level poker play. The question of whether to call Bonomo’s all-in on the river remains unanswered, leaving room for speculation and debate.

  • This text provides interesting insight into a high-stakes poker tournament with skilled players. It showcases different perspectives on strategy and decision-making in a key hand. It leaves readers wondering about the final outcome of the showdown between Negreanu and Bonomo.

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