Felipe Ketzer finishes fifth in WSOP Online Event 13

Felipe Ketzer finishes fifth in WSOP Online Event...

This certainly wasn’t the day for Felipe Ketzer to win his first WSOP Online bracelet. He slipped further down the FT First Hand leaderboard after losing his lead at the start of the final day of Event 13: the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Hand Championship. Unable to keep up with his top performers, he struggled to get a raise and ended up in fifth place. Ketzer won a total of $116,462.

Pedro Garagnani only played six hands on the final day. Isolated on the bottom, he went all-in 11 times once he got out with Q ♦Q♣. Boris Neykov was the only one to call A·K♠ and put it on the table. On the flop of 7♦K♣2♥, the 9tales member looked for an exit, but the turn of 8♣ and the river of 6♠ confirmed his exit. Galaniani won a total of $32,427.

The Financial Times bubble then burst at the hands of Matthew Stumpf. In another preflop all-in, he showed Q♠J♠ against Arsenii Malinov’s A♥9♥. 7 9 ♠ 8 ♥ 9 AF The board confirmed the victory of the Russians, with the championship consisting of seven players.

Ketzer, the owner of the third largest stack, had A♣5♣ and started raising to 168,000. Battulga Byambaa gave the big answer and announced a 3-bet to 520,000. Going through the motion again, Keizer pushed his pile into the middle of the table. Byambaa called with A♥K♥ and took the pot.

With the smallest stack, Ketzer saw a crushing defeat, ending Malinov’s involvement. As a farewell, the Russian 4-bet went all-in and was called by Boyle Sean, who held A?Q♥. With K♥K♣, Malinov suffered a lot on the 7\5\10\2\4\ board.

At the same level, Jeremy Bynum also fell to the wayside. Playing A 10 against Chin Wei Lin’s Q♠Q♥, he got more outs on the 10♥6♥7♥ flop, but the Q♣ turn caused him to collapse.

Leaving nothing of value, the Heathen took several pots without a showdown, doubling his stack, but his reaction didn’t last long. To say goodbye, he pushed the full 13 BBS straight on the button. Danikov was the only one to call, with A♥10♠. Ketzer dominated with K♦Q♠ and couldn’t be saved by a fringe 2♦J♠4♣9♣8♣.

GGPoker distributed $2,313,250 to 487 entries among 71 players in Event 13. Nekov earned $426,171.

Felipe Ketzer finishes fifth in WSOP Online Event...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of the WSOP Online bracelet event, highlighting the performance and defeats of different players. It also mentions the prize distribution and earnings of the participants.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the WSOP Online bracelet event, highlighting the performances and outcomes of various players. It mentions the struggles and defeats of Felipe Ketzer, Pedro Garagnani, Boris Neykov, and others, as well as the distribution of prize money.

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