First results from the Triton Poker series

Jorstad, Greenwood and Holtz: Triton Poker London'...

The Triton Poker Series is in full swing in London, bringing together top players from around the world. Several champions have been crowned in a matter of days, some for the first time with the prestigious trophy.

The festival kicked off with the traditional GGMillions Live tournament with a $25,000 buy-in. It was a record-breaking event that attracted 162 entrants (including 55 re-entrants) and a $4,050,000 prize pool.

The winner was Sam Greenwood’s twin brother, Luke Greenwood. He’s also a high-stakes player, but appears far less frequently in the series than Sam. His first-place finish earned him his first Triton Poker victory and $897,000 in prize money.

The second $25,000 event attracted 120 entrants and was smaller with a $3,000,000 prize pool. Fedor Holtz, a “poker retiree,” has his next title. He went heads-up with American Chris Brewer, who recently won two gold bracelets at the WSOP.

Opponents split winnings to avoid increasing variance:

  • Holtz: $609,853.
  • Brewer: $600,647.

Although no one wanted to give up on the ICM-Drucks and a real title fight broke out. After a long standoff, the German pro prevailed to claim his third Triton trophy. Remarkably, it has been more than six years since he was last photographed claiming the title.

On Sunday night, three other poker pros decided who would take home the top prize in the $40,000 Mystery Bounty Tournament. There were 133 entries for a total prize pool of $2,660,000 – and another $3 million was given away today in a mystery envelope.

The top three are exciting: Stephen Chidwick, Phil Ivey and 2022 WSOP 2022 champion Espen Jørstad. Despite facing tough opponents, Espen knocked out the British poker pro and took down Ivey himself after a short stack.

“I felt it was even more special when I played one-on-one with one of the greatest poker legends Ivey. Crazy,” commented Espen.

First place brought him $639,000 and his first Triton Cup. When everyone has withdrawn their bounty envelopes, the final guarantee will be higher.

Jorstad, Greenwood and Holtz: Triton Poker London'...

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  • Marlee.blanda

    The text provides an overview of the Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting the achievements of various players and the high prize money at stake. It emphasizes the success of players like Luke Greenwood, Fedor Holtz, and Espen Jørstad, who secured their first Triton Poker victories and substantial cash prizes.

  • Bahringer.zachariah

    This text describes the ongoing Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting the number of champions crowned and the impressive prize pools. It also mentions specific players and their victories, adding excitement to the overall event.

  • The Triton Poker Series in London has attracted top players from around the world, with several champions being crowned in recent days. The high-stakes events have seen impressive prize pools and memorable victories, creating an exciting atmosphere for poker fans.

  • Lueilwitz.dante

    The text provides an exciting overview of the ongoing Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting the victories of various top players and the impressive prize pools. It showcases the intensity and competitiveness of the tournaments, with notable players such as Luke Greenwood, Fedor Holtz, and Espen Jørstad emerging as champions.

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