Michael Addamo rescued from river, becomes ‘lost’ HU and wins GGMillion$ hepta

Michael Addamo rescued from river, becomes 'lost'...

This deck prevented Jinhwan Yang from winning his first title in a GGMillion$ FT tournament against two of the biggest high roller winners. Michael Addamo was saved twice on the river and eventually overturned a seemingly losing situation in heads-up play to claim the Sevens title. The Australian took home $402,456, while the runner-up’s bankroll increased by $315,559.

From the beginning of the Financial Times, Yang showed that he was ready to face his main opponent. As soon as the board got 7♣A♥Q♠5♦8♣, Addamo declared all-in and was called by the Asian. With A♣10♣ against K♥5♣, Yang gained some breathing room and began to cause trouble for the leader.

In the 8-player game, Yang took the lead after another big pot against Addamo. Then the two took turns taking the lead until they were duel. In the first hand of the duel, Yang doubled his chips and took back the largest chip.

Yang opened the distance between himself and Addamo without looking back. On a 9♣7♥3♠6♠ board, he decided to put all his chips in the middle of the table and was called by Addamo, who held K♠10♠. Holding 8♣8♦, Yang watched as the river K♣ saved his opponent.

Addamo’s situation got even worse when he went all-in on the first preflop between them. He had the advantage against A♣Q♣ against A♥K♠ and was still underdog on the flop of 10♦3♠6♠ and the turn of 9♥, but Q♠ prevented Yang from folding.

There was no extra time in the game. Adamo tried hard to maintain the lead, but was quickly tied again. With 9♣5 ♦, he hit a straight on the 10 ♦6 ♦J♥8♠7♣ board and bet more than half of his chips. Yang thought about it for a long time until he called with J♣5♠ and found himself in a big hole.

Adamo was full of energy and finished the race in just a few minutes. The final hand looked like this:

With blinds at 100,000/200,000 and antes at 25,000, Yang made a clean push all-in and Addamo just checked. After the flop came 10♠K♠8♦, Yang bet 200,000 and Addamo called. On Round 7, Addamo check-called 600,000. Finally, on the river 7, Yang placed his 2,024,192 chips in the middle of the table. Addamo spotted the three-barrel bluff and called with J♣8♣. With 9♦5♣, Yang kissed the championship goodbye.

Final score:

1. Michael Adamo (Australia) $402,456

2. Jinhwan Yang (South Korea) $315,559

3. Mikalai Vaskaboinikau (Belarus) $247,425

4. Mathias Joelsson (Sweden) $194,002

5. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $152,114

6. Samuel Vousden (Finland) $119,270

7. Eliot Hudon (Canada) $119,270

8. Adrian Mateos (Spain) $73,325

9. Ole Schemion (Germany) $57,493

Michael Addamo rescued from river, becomes 'lost'...

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  • This text discusses a high-stakes poker tournament where Jinhwan Yang came close to winning his first title but was ultimately defeated by Michael Addamo. Addamo made some bold moves and successfully bluffed Yang in key hands, ultimately claiming the championship and a significant cash prize.

  • The text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where Jinhwan Yang came close to winning his first title but ultimately lost to Michael Addamo. Despite some key hands going against Yang, Addamo was able to secure the victory and take home a substantial cash prize.

  • It seems like Jinhwan Yang put up a strong fight in the GGMillion$ FT tournament but ultimately fell short in the heads-up battle against Michael Addamo. Despite coming in second, Yang still walked away with a sizable prize of $315,559.

  • Glover.claudine

    It seems like Jinhwan Yang put up a strong fight in the tournament but ultimately lost to Michael Addamo due to some tough hands on the river. Addamo’s strategic plays and ability to read his opponent’s moves allowed him to come out on top and claim the Sevens title.

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