Players ejected after fight at EPT Prague Main Event

An Italian player was ejected from the EPT Prague...

An off-table brawl resulted in a player being disqualified on Day 1B of the EPT Prague Main Event. Italy’s Michele Nizzardelli punched Sweden’s Ghattas Kortas in the face and was disqualified by the organization after knocking out his opponent.

According to Poker News, the two players had argued in the previous hand, with Nizzardelli deemed the winner after a check on the river. Then the short-stacked Cortas went all-in with a pair of ten after a 3-bet from Italian AKo. The flop brought a king and ended the game for the Swede, who was so annoyed with his opponent that when he stood up from the table, he threw his opponent’s hat to the ground.

Nizzardelli pushed Kortas in the back, who then turned and walked back to the Italian. As the two men approached, Nizardelli head-butted the Swede on the nose and the Swede fell to the ground.

Security forces were on site and Italians were immediately excluded from the event. It is unclear whether the player will be punished in the future.

The buy-in fee for the EPT Prague Main Event is 5,300 euros, and a total of 1,285 people registered. Day 2 is underway until 191 players remain, at which point the ITM bubble will burst. Brazilians Elias Neto and Cairo El Kadre are still in contention, while the top three chips are Swede Omar Eljach (603,000), Belgian Arthur Thiriart (573,000) and Serbian Jovan Kenjic (567,000).

An Italian player was ejected from the EPT Prague...

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  • I think the text describes an unfortunate incident that occurred during the EPT Prague Main Event, where a player was disqualified for physically assaulting another player. It highlights the details of the altercation and mentions the current state of the tournament.

  • The text describes an incident during a poker tournament in Prague where a player was disqualified after getting into a physical altercation with another player. It provides details about the argument and the subsequent fight, and mentions the current status of the tournament.

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