Pokerdom Summer Madness: 4,000,000₽ – Promotion Details

Summer Madness in Poker: Rake Races and Cash Drops...

The hot summer season marks the start of a new promotion for the Pokerdom poker room. The Room has a surprise for all Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash players.

From June 9th to June 25th, Pokerdom will be hosting a Summer Madness promotion where stakes over ₽4,000,000 Cash Drops will participate in various rake races.

To participate in the promotion event, you have to play Omaha and Texas Hold’em cash games with limits of 1₽/2₽-2.5₽-2.5₽/5₽ and generate as much rake as possible to get to the top of the rake race leaderboard. Cash drops fall on specific tables at specific times. Let’s break down the details of the promotion step by step, though…

Texas Hold’em Rake Race for ₽1,550,000

At 6 No Limit Hold’em players will be split ₽$1,550,000 in the first rake race, which will run from September 9-18. The total prize money is divided into several leagues, and getting into one or the other leaderboard depends on the limit played. League bonuses are distributed as follows:

  • League A – 700,000₽ prize money.
  • League B – Leaderboard 450,000₽.
  • League B – Leaderboard 450,000₽. li>
  • League C – Leaderboard is ₽250,000 USD.
  • League D – Prize Pool ₽150,000 USD.

Bonus Commission Races per Hold – Leaderboards for each league are as follows:

Ranked League A 50₽ /100₽ and above League B 15₽/30₽ – 25₽/50₽ League C 5₽/10₽ – 10₽/20₽ League D 1₽/2₽ – 2.5₽/5₽ 4

Omaha Rake contest with prize money of ₽1,200,000.

The next Omaha Rake Race, with a total prize pool of ₽1,200,000, will be held from June 16th to June 25th. Similar to Texas Hold’em, the prize pool is divided into four leagues:

  • League A – ₽550,000 prize pool.
  • League B – Leaderboard is ₽350,000.
  • League C – prize pool is ₽200,000.
  • League D – Prize pool is ₽100,000.

Each leaderboard has 25 rankings, and the bonuses are as follows:

Ranking League A 50₽/100₽ and above League B 15₽/30₽ – 25₽/ 50₽ C League 5₽/10₽ – 10₽/20₽ D League 1₽/2₽ – 2.5₽/

Absolutely all Texas Hold’em and Omaha tables, including Omaha H/L, 5 Card and 6 Card Omaha are eligible for rake races. Players earn 1 leaderboard point for every rake they make.

Summer Madness Cash Drop

In addition to In den Hold’em and Omaha leaderboards, players at select tables You can also look forward to unique cash drops as you play. As with the leaderboard, the entire cash drop pool is divided into leagues:

  • League D (Texas Hold’em and Omaha tables with a limit of 1₽/2 ₽ – 2.5₽/5₽) – 75,000₽ for Hold’em and 50,000₽ for Omaha;
  • Level C (Hold’em and Omaha table limits are 5₽/10₽/10₽-10₽/20₽) – prize pool ₽125,000 Omaha ₽100,000;
  • League B (15₽ /30₽-25₽ / 50₽ Hold’em and Omaha tables) – prize pool 225,000₽, Omaha – 175,000₽;
  • League A (hold’em and Omaha tables limit ₽50/ ₽ 100 and up) – prize pool is ₽350,000, Omaha – ₽275,000.

Summer Madness in Poker: Rake Races and Cash Drops...

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  • Chris.stiedemann

    This text describes a promotion by the Pokerdom poker room for Texas Holdem and Omaha cash players, where they can participate in rake races and cash drops to win prizes. Players can earn leaderboard points for every rake they make and compete for prize pools in different leagues based on the limits played.

  • This text provides details about a summer promotion at the Pokerdom poker room, with cash drops and rake races for Texas Holdem and Omaha players. Players can compete for various prize pools and leaderboard bonuses based on the stakes they play at, with specific dates and rules outlined.

  • Langosh.berneice

    This text describes a promotion in the Pokerdom poker room for Texas Holdem and Omaha cash players with cash drops and rake races. Players can win prizes by generating the most rake and competing in different leagues based on their stakes played.

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