Record breaking badbit jackpot.

A Canadian poker room breaks record for badbit jac...

A new record was set in the poker world yesterday with the largest badbit jackpot of CA$2,590,185, which equates to $1.9 million. This is the record amount of bad bits to date.

The event took place at Playground Poker, a popular Canadian poker room located in Quebec. A historic hand involving two opponents for a $1/$2 bet.

A player has an “unbeatable” combo on the flop, but his opponent has something against his opponent – . A straight flush on the next street is over – and loud celebrations begin at the table. Nobody noticed anything important on the river.

Losing by 10 points activates the Badbit jackpot, totaling $1,937,645. The player holding the card stand gets 40% of the prize money, the winner gets 20% of the prize money. Another 20% is distributed to other players at the table and 20% is distributed to all poker players who were at the table at the time. Final awards are slightly less, with 5% deducted from each award as staff fees.

Interestingly, while the participants in the record-breaking hand celebrated, a neighboring table hit another $700,000 badbit jackpot. The dollar played a role, but it was not given equal weight.

Playground Poker’s jackpots are huge

The previous record for the largest jackpot was also set at Playground Poker in June 2022. A similar situation then occurred with a pair of tens losing to a straight flush, but the tie was $1,640,000. The third largest payout also occurred last year at a poker room in Pittsburgh. A low-stakes hold’em player lost to a royal straight flush with an ace-queen ace, and participants shared over $1,200,000.

A Canadian poker room breaks record for badbit jac...

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  • This text describes a new record set in the poker world for the largest bad beat jackpot. The event took place at Playground Poker in Quebec, where a player lost with an unbeatable combo and activated the jackpot, resulting in a prize of $1.9 million.

  • This text describes a record-breaking poker jackpot at Playground Poker in Quebec, Canada. It mentions the winning hand, the distribution of the prize money, and other previous large jackpots in the poker world.

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