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Triton Poker Series kicks off today in London: Who...

After four years, the Triton Poker series returns to London. Players have traditionally played in various Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Short Deck tournaments. There will be no ‘Millionaires’ this time – the most expensive event will be the Luxon Invitational with a buy-in of £200,000.

Traditionally, the event is attended by amateurs and professionals, with the former sending invitations to the latter. Almost the entire lineup is already known. However, the most interesting thing is that there are no Russian-speaking poker players, although they have been participating as “VIP” and professional.

Among the funniest couples: Rob Young as “VIP” Doug Polk, Jean-Noel Torrell-Eric Seidel, Paul Foyce- Phil Ivey, Phil Nagy – Tom Dewan, Morten Klein – Espen Jorstad, Socia Young – Jason Quin & Kirk Steele – Sam Grafton (who won the Luxon Invitational in the past).

Some VIP players are clearly suspect. While series creators Richard Young and Paul Phua have long signed up as “amateurs,” some of the other contestants are clearly on the other side.

For example, Elton Tsang, which has raised over $15,000,000, has bonus money under its belt. Winfred Yu, who didn’t miss a hand at Triton Poker, has over $7,000,000 in prize money. Or rising star Webster Lim, who has won multiple trophies and more than $11,000,000 in prize money, most of them at the Triton.

Russian-speaking players who have been participating in the Luxon Invitational have not yet been represented. Artur Martirosyan, Viktor Malinovsky, Artem Vezhenkov, Alexey Ponyakov and other poker pros and VIP poker players have all appeared in past tournaments. They do, however, have a chance to compete for prize money – seven VIPs and pros have yet to be announced. Their names will be announced shortly.

Triton Poker Series kicks off today in London: Who...

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  • This text provides information about the upcoming Triton Poker series in London, highlighting the absence of Russian-speaking poker players this time. It mentions the known lineup of participants, including both amateurs and professionals, as well as some suspicions regarding the involvement of certain VIP players.

  • This text provides information about the upcoming Triton Poker series returning to London after four years, highlighting the absence of Russian-speaking players and mentioning some notable participants. It also mentions that there are still seven VIPs and pros to be announced for the event.

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