WSOP Paradise: Bahamian stars confirmed

WSOP Paradise: Bahamian stars confirmed

World Series of Poker continues to reinvent itself, especially since partnering with GGPoker. In less than a month we will be participating in a unique event, WSOP Paradise, a leg of the World Series taking place in the Bahamas from December 3rd to 14th with 15 different editions bracelet events, and more warranties, totaling more than $51 million.

Little by little, the characters who will appear in the exclusive Atlantis Paradise Island have been confirmed, of course And also the baton of the space’s ambassadorDaniel Negreanu.

One of the biggest attractions for players heading to the Caribbean is that they actually arrive in winter – in the north – although daytime temperatures reach a pleasant 27 degrees , but there will still be a chance to play against a slew of stars. Some of these have already been approved, while others are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Rob Boston Mariano, arguably the best player on the hit reality show Survivor As a regular poker player, he will be the ” One of the “Satellite” characters. Another person who regularly attends tournaments but is not 100% environmentally conscious and travels a lot is football legend Sergio Aguero , the third-highest scorer in the history of the Argentine national team; also of the eSports team KRU owner.

The list of losers (but not by many) also includes Tony Parker, a four-time NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs, and Manu Ginobili Member of an unforgettable trio with Tim Duncan, Fulcrum was born in the Virgin Islands. The former point guard has entered the 2021 WSOP. Let’s see how he does now?

Another new member is Alexandra Botez, an accomplished chess player and streamer. And Hoodie Allen, the rapper gave up his chips in the WSOP Main Event earlier this year to attend a friend’s wedding…will he get them back?

There would be no WSOP without poker pros

It’s clear that the best players in the business are headed to the Bahamas. The list is long and could get even longer. But a well-known name is enough to ensure the success of the event.

Josh Arieh Sean Deeb Phil Helmuth Santosh Suvarna Paul Pan Bertrand Grospelier Eric Watson Eric Lindgren John Little Luo Buyong David Walliams Dan Cates Phil Nagy

WSOP Paradise: Bahamian stars confirmed

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  • This text highlights the World Series of Poker’s continuous efforts to revive itself through partnerships and unique events like WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas. The inclusion of well-known poker pros and other notable figures like Daniel Negreanu and Sergio Aguero adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event, making it a potentially successful and popular tournament.

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    This text highlights the World Series of Poker’s collaboration with GGPoker and their upcoming event, WSOP Paradise, in the Bahamas. It mentions confirmed attendees like Daniel Negreanu and mentions other potential guests including poker pros, reality show contestants, sports legends, and chess players.

  • This text provides an exciting overview of the upcoming WSOP Paradise event in the Bahamas, with a diverse list of confirmed participants and the promise of more to come. The addition of well-known figures from various backgrounds, including Survivor winner Rob Boston Mariano and football legend Sergio Aguero, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the tournament.


    The text highlights the excitement and anticipation surrounding the World Series of Poker event in the Bahamas, featuring prominent poker pros like Daniel Negreanu and potential celebrity players like football legend Sergio Aguero. The lineup of players promises a competitive and entertaining tournament experience.

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