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There's nothing unusual about the odd payout distr...

Late registration for the WSOP Main Event has ended. With 10,043 participants, the game set a record in World Series history. However, players’ joy at the numbers was replaced by confusion when organizers announced the prize amounts. First place prize money is $12,100,000 and the final table prize money is $900,000.

This sparked a lot of discussion – Jamie Gold won $12,000,000 in 2006 when 8,773 players signed up for the tournament. Many players accused the WSOP of needlessly increasing the prize pool and joked that the winner should only have one ITM.

However, it turns out that there is nothing unusual about this decision. Over the past 17 years, some changes have taken place in the prize structure, and this year’s prize distribution is roughly the same as the previous Main Event.

There were 8,663 entrants in 2022, with champion Espen Jørstad taking home $10,000,000, or 12.4% of the $80.78 million total. In 2021, Koray Aldemir won $8,000,000 – that’s 12.9% of the $62,000,000 bankroll.

The 2023 WSOP champion received a similar 12.9% payout, and the extra $100,000 was only necessary to further bolster the tournament record-breaking achievement.

The big jump in salaries between first and second place is also making waves online: $12,100,000 vs $6,500,000. However, the runner-up received a lower percentage than the previous year. Jorstad’s opponent won $6,000,000 (60% of the first prize). In the upcoming heads-up match, the runner-up will receive 53.7% of the first-place prize.

Despite these explanations, some poker pros remain unhappy with the prize formula. , especially not everyone is going to be a millionaire at the final table. Many are urging the WSOP to take the format of this prestigious event and make it known to all players.

There's nothing unusual about the odd payout distr...

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  • Carroll.helena

    This text discusses the confusion and discussions among players regarding the prize amounts in the WSOP Main Event, despite setting a record in World Series history with over 10,000 participants. While some argue that the prize distribution is consistent with previous years, others are unsatisfied with the formula, suggesting the need for transparency and equal opportunity for all players in the tournament.

  • The text describes the record-breaking participation and prize distribution at the WSOP Main Event, causing confusion and discussion among players. While some argue that the prize pool was unnecessarily increased, the article highlights that the prize structure has undergone changes over the years, and this year’s distribution is similar to previous events. However, some poker professionals still express dissatisfaction with the formula, urging the WSOP to clarify the event’s format to all players.

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