Caesars sells Rio casino

Caesars has sold

For many World Series participants, the Rio Casino became “Home of the WSOP.” The complex, which hosted guests from 2005 to 2021, received a lot of criticism each year for issues such as long lines and non-working air conditioning. Yet thousands of players still travel to the facility to compete for gold bracelets.

Rio has been managed by Caesars Entertainment, but that era could be over as soon as Monday. “Caesars sold the casino to another company, Dreamscape Companies LLC. The company will begin managing the complex on October 2.

Until then, room reservations will be made on the Caesars website. However, On Monday, Dreamscape will launch a new website with checkout functionality and changes to hotel and casino rules to include its own poker chips.

Meanwhile, all entertainment shows and restaurants have been linked to new owners The contract has been renegotiated and will remain unchanged. , so initially it will be guest, please note there is no difference with the change of management.

The sale took place back in 2019, but the terms of the deal stated Caesars will continue to manage the complex and will also have the rights to host the World Series until they find a more convenient location.

In 2022, the WSOP moved to Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas, venues also owned by Caesars Management. These are two complexes that can accommodate more players than their predecessors.

Rio All-Suites History

The Rio first opened in 1990 and is now considered an outdated building. Some of the hotels and casinos built in Las Vegas over the years have been demolished, but Dreamscape has no intention of destroying the legend. Exact plans are unclear, but the company announced it will invest nine figures in home renovations that will make Sin City’s flagship casino even more beautiful and comfortable.

Caesars has sold

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  • Russell.aufderhar

    This text provides information about the Rio Casino, its issues and sale to Dreamscape Companies LLC. It mentions that despite the criticisms, many players still participate in the World Series of Poker at the Rio. The new owner, Dreamscape, plans to invest in renovations to make the casino more attractive and comfortable, without demolishing it.

  • This text describes the history and recent changes in management of the Rio Casino, which has been the home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) since 2005. Despite facing criticism for various issues, thousands of players still participate in the WSOP at the Rio. The new owners, Dreamscape Companies LLC, plan to invest a significant amount in renovating the casino to make it more appealing and comfortable.

  • Lew.morissette

    The text highlights the history and future of the Rio Casino, acknowledging its role as the home of the WSOP and the recent change in management to Dreamscape Companies LLC. Despite criticism, the new owners plan to invest in renovations to improve the facility.

  • This text discusses the sale of the Rio Casino to Dreamscape Companies LLC, a new management company. Despite past issues, the Rio has remained a popular destination for World Series of Poker participants, and the new owners plan to invest heavily in renovations to improve the facility.

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