WTP Global Poker: Description of the poker room, limits, withdrawal of funds, login

Global WPT Review

The World Poker Tour, a company most known for its live events, will open a new poker room called WPT Global in the middle of April 2022. Such assistance denotes a high degree of professionalism in terms of the security and dependability of the game.

WPT Global initially provides its players with favorable incentives and a fresh gaming environment that includes a cutting-edge mobile app and the Poker Heroes Club NFT avatars.

Rakeback and rake

On Micro Limits with stakes up to 0.5/1, the rake is 4% (no caps), while on all other limits, it is 3% (capped 1-6BB).

100% bonus on your first deposit, up to $1,200. A wagering welcome bonus is given to the player automatically for their initial deposit of $20 or more. There is a 90-day wagering period. 25% rakeback means that payouts are $2.5 for every $10 in rake. New players may receive tournament tickets from the room.

There are jackpots with prizes at various cash tables for selecting a potent combination from the rack.

Despite WPT Global’s young, the space has already drawn thousands of cash tables and MTTs.

Important characteristics

1. The available games include 6- and 8-max NLH cash NLH, “fast poker” variant, Bomb pot, Shortdeck, PLO, and MTT.
2. Limitations on multitabling (up to 7 MTT tables and up to 4 caches, but only two of each normal and quick poker and Poker Flips formats are allowed).
3. Straddle and take an ante are common in cache games.
4. There are only a few dollar tables; the game is played in Chinese yuan.

There is a wide variety of restrictions in cache. Stakes range from $0.01/$0.02/$0.06 to $15/$30/$60($15) at hold’em tables. The maximum ante at 6+ is 500 yuan, or around $78.

The buy-ins for tournaments range from $11 to $200. The least expensive ones provide guarantees of up to $35,000 and draw up to a thousand participants. There are lotteries for WPT packages to offline events.

Trustworthiness of WPT Global

Despite the fact that the club is based in Curaçao and is geared on the “gray” Chinese poker market, World Poker Tour’s support for the venture immediately elevates WPT Global above all other entrants in this industry.

Without a certain, any player who adheres to the traditional online poker regulations won’t have any issues at WPT Global Australia.

However, we must note that despite the creators’ announcements that a player monitoring system based on artificial intelligence and a “customizable game integrity mechanism” were there to ensure fair play, there is no mention of the HGC certificate on the room’s website.

WPT Global’s Australia benefits and drawbacks

The following characteristics of the space are highlighted

1. Developed with the World Poker Tour’s assistance.
2. A weak field with heavy play at stakes ranging from NL10 to NL1.5K.
3. Concentrated on the poker business in China.
4. A wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrency.
5. A lot of competitions.

The following should be highlighted from the list of drawbacks:
1. Software flaws.
2. International playability restrictions.

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