CCP PixPoker: Naomi Suassuna is the Main Event winner

CCP PixPoker: Naomi Suassuna wins heads-up match a...

The big day for CCP PixPoker takes place this Sunday, as the main winner of the second leg of this year’s tour has been confirmed. At the end of the event, Naomi Suassuana ended up with the best story, taking the main event title and the biggest glory on the stage.

Naomi Suassuana has overcome some recent obstacles to win the title of the most coveted tournament ever. The player confirmed his momentum as the chip leader of Day 1A, beating a total of 243 entrants and finishing the session with R$360 for a generous R$16,000 prize.

“The feeling of going home with a trophy is the best.” win. “Main events always feel good, both because of the championship itself and because of the money, right? I’ve seen the bar here and elsewhere. The stage was good this year, so I took the chance and got the win. “said the new champion.

Naomi Suassuna had reached the final table of the Main Event at the last edition of CCP Pixpoker, but was eliminated there. However, he finished the race quickly and finished eighth. In a fantastic back-to-back race, this time he didn’t miss the chance to impress on the track.

Suassuna left several of the regulars on the floor behind and eventually got the Champion Ray Dispel. At the final table, for example, he finished behind the likes of Tales Gomes and reigning event champion Antônio Mota of Portugal. In addition to his two good opponents, he also had to defeat regular Pedro Felipe in a heads-up match.

Naomi won a great battle with Pedro to get on the podium and finish the second race arranging the track in the best way possible.

See the final table prize pool:

1. – Naomi Suasuna – R$ 16,0002nd place – Pedro Felipe – R$ 10,5003rd Place – Rodolfo Carlos – R$ 7,0004th place – Ricardo da Mata – R$ 5,6005th place – Antonio Motta – R$ 4,5006th Place – Valdir Herald – R$ 3,5007th place – Tales Gomez – R$ 2,6008th place – Renan Meneses – R$ 1,9009th Place – Matheus Henrique – R$ 1,520

CCP PixPoker: Naomi Suassuna wins heads-up match a...

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  • Letha.gerhold

    It sounds like Naomi Suassuana had a remarkable performance at the CCP PixPoker tournament, overcoming obstacles and impressing on the track to become the champion. The final table prize pool reflects the competitiveness of the event and the level of skill displayed by the players.

  • This text highlights the success and achievement of Naomi Suassuna in winning the CCP PixPoker tournament, overcoming obstacles and defeating strong opponents. The final table prize pool and the competitive spirit of the event are also emphasized.

  • Schiller.judge

    This text highlights the success of Naomi Suassuana in the CCP PixPoker tournament, where she overcame obstacles to win the main event title. She demonstrated skill and determination in defeating her opponents and ultimately taking home the grand prize of R$16,000.

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