“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

In a very busy period for the biggest competition in the world, ‘yasee’ had a great time after finishing on the R$ 250 Battle HR podium. He won R$ 32,888 as the first among 731 entrants.

On the other hand, “WebXXXX” had a lot of fun in the HighS 75K GTD for a prize of R$ 750. He won 19,513 reais by outdoing 84 opponents. View other results:

R$75 Battle 75K GTD (1,406 entrants)

Winner: “Smaug10” R$ 15,171

R$ 550 Mini HighS 40K GTD (78 entries)

Winner: “Pablo Marcal” R$ 11,434

R$ 50 Big Plus 50K GTD (581 entrants)

Winner: “Ausentejaja” R$ 8,200

R$ 15 Plus 50K GTD (1,751 entrants )

Champion: “deBorestttt” R$ 7,907

“yasee” defeated Supremas Battle HR

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