Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

WSOP Paradise has just kicked off in the Bahamas and Latin Armada is already making a splash, especially thanks to Damian Salas, who created It’s all about the Finalists in Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Championship, and today it’s all about the title and the $2.7 million the winner will take home.

After two initial tournaments at Atlantis Resort and another online tournament at GGPoker , the competition attracted 533 entrants and was worth $25,000, with a prize of $13,325,000, far exceeding the guaranteed $10 million.

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At least 80 players made it to day two on Thursday, and Salas, the day’s leader, ended the competition in first place as well Why: With 14,225,000 chips and about 23 BBs, he is one of eight finalists who finished sixth with 51 BBs under German Daniel Smiljkovic. It’s not a big deal. The advantage in terms of chip stack is not a big deal.

Adrian Mateos has 11,325,000 chips (18 BB) and is one of the championship dreamers. The Spaniard, who holds four WSOP bracelets, is considered one of the candidates to face Salas for the 2021 World Series Main Event Champion.

The eight players still competing have already earned at least $267,500, but now the target is a first-place finish of $2,726,300, with the top three receiving seven-figure bonuses. This Friday, Day 3 starts at 2pm on level 28 with blinds of 300,000/600,000 and a big blind stake of another 600,000.

WSOP Paradise – Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Tournament

Buy-in: $25,000

Entry:: 533

Pot: $13,325,000

Average Stack: 16,656,250

Blinds: Level 27 (250,000/500,000 /500,000)

Next money:Eighth place, $267,500

Final Table

1st Place: Daniel Smiljkovic – 30,800,000 (51 BB)

2nd Place: Frank Brannan – 16,200,000 (27 BB)

Third Place: Samuel Mullur – 9,150,000 (15 BB)

Fourth Place: Adrian Mateos – 11,325,000 (18 BB)

Fifth Place: Klemens Roiter – 17,700,000 (29 BBs)

Sixth place: Arunas Sapitavicius – 17,725,000 (29 BBs)

Seventh place: Damien Salas – 14,225,000 (23 BBs) Eighth:Matthew Stumpf – 16,300,000 (27 BB)


1. – $2,726,3002. $1,684,5003. $1,192,3004° $856,8005° $625,4006° $463,7007° $349,4008. USD 267,500

Finalist: Salas wins $2.7 million at WSOP Paradise

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    This text provides a summary of the WSOP Paradise event in the Bahamas, highlighting Damian Salas as the leader in Event #3 and a strong contender for the championship title. The finalists have already earned significant prize money, but the focus is on securing the first-place finish and the accompanying $2.7 million cash prize.

  • This text provides an update on the WSOP Paradise tournament in the Bahamas, specifically focusing on Damian Salas’ performance in the Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Championship. It outlines the remaining eight finalists and the potential prize money they could win.

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