Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Sunday Million

Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Su...

For the second year in a row, the only Brazilian player failed to make it past the five-hand stage in the Sunday Million decider. Rio de Janeiro’s Guilherme Stoliar was the victim of a crushing defeat, leaving PokerStars with $22,754, his best result in an MTT on the site.

Guilherme, who ran the account “calcinha92”, quickly left the battle for the Sunday Financial Times Million account. After 5 hands, he led with K♥5♠ and declared an all-in 12 BBS. The big “Blowknockout” bid revealed A♣J♦. The 3♣7♠K♠7♥6♠ card brought a card from Guilherme and he got a reprieve.

At the same level, Guilherme was one card away from losing again against a “blowknockout” pair, but the player from Mexico hit a runner-up-runner-up flush to collect his opponent’s Bounty. Here’s what happened:

With blinds of 2,000,000/4,000,000 and an ante of 500,000, Guilherme defended his big hand and called blowknockout’s min-raise. The flop came Q♠2 10 ♦ , blowknockout called a continuation bet of 6,765,000. Guilherme then responded with a check-raise, all-in for 50,056,128. blowknockout called and showed Q 6♥. Guilherme held Q♥J and went all-in on round 3, But the river card of 7 caused him to collapse.

Registering for a $10,782 $109 entry, PokerStars has exceeded the $1,000,000 guarantee and paid out $1,078,200 in this week’s prizes.

Flush runner Tira Guilherme Stoliar from the FT Su...

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  • The text describes the disappointing performance of a Brazilian player in the Sunday Million decider tournament, where he failed to advance beyond the five-hand stage. Despite achieving his best result on the site, he was defeated and PokerStars won a substantial amount of money.

  • Meggie.hamill

    This text discusses the performance of a Brazilian poker player in the Sunday Million tournament on PokerStars, highlighting his defeat in the fifth hand and his best result of $22,754. Despite some near losses, the player ultimately failed to advance further in the tournament.

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