Irishman Mark McDonald wins the jackpot of the deal

Irishman Mark McDonnell wins The Deal on PokerStar...

A few years ago, PokerStars introduced a mini-game in its client called “The Deal Jackpot” that had little to do with poker. Here’s its essence: The player bets 7 or 70 earned Star Coins, and then seven closed cards are dealt. Two cards must be dealt to the pass, and according to Texas Hold’em rules, the remaining five cards must be used to form a combination.

Prizes start in pairs (paid in Star Coins). , Royal Flush and Royal Flush not only have cash payouts, but also wheel spins, bonuses and jackpots.

Essentially, this is an ordinary lottery “poker ticket”, and professional players do not pay much attention to this kind of entertainment, despite accumulating a large number of coins to draw.

Yesterday, however, Irishman Mark McDonald showed that even in this form, variance can be a shot. Mike played Trading Jackpot and successfully collected one of two combinations that unlocked the roulette wheel. Getting a straight or royal flush from five random cards is already a win.

Mike decided to videotape the next stage. The roulette wheel has eight sections: seven areas with $1,000 prizes and one area with a jackpot. It didn’t spin for long, and to Mike’s surprise, it stayed at the jackpot mark.

The total prize money was $826,393, but according to the rules, Mike got half – $413,196. The other half is divided equally among all players who won in the last 12 hours. So Mike has a surprise for everyone who spends Star Coins.

What makes this story compelling is that Mark McDonald is a professional gamer with nearly $2 million in tournament winnings. He has cashed in the Sunday Million and numerous WSOP events, including Millionaire Maker: fourth place for $420,085.

Irishman Mark McDonnell wins The Deal on PokerStar...

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  • This text describes how a professional poker player, Mark McDonald, won a jackpot in a mini-game introduced by PokerStars. Despite being a professional player, McDonald was able to get lucky and win a significant amount of money in this lottery-style game.

  • This text describes a mini-game introduced by PokerStars called The Deal Jackpot, which offers prizes and jackpots based on the combination of cards dealt. It highlights the surprise win of professional gamer Mark McDonald, who won the jackpot and received a substantial prize.

  • I think the text highlights the element of luck in gambling games like The Deal Jackpot, even for professional players like Mark McDonald. It shows that even experienced players can still win big prizes through chance and variance.

  • Payton.sanford

    I think it’s interesting how even professional poker players can still find success and excitement in non-traditional poker games like The Deal Jackpot. It shows that luck and variance can play a role in any form of gambling.

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