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Gleb Tremzin wins sixth WCOOP title, Strebkov’s re...

While WSOP bracelets are up for grabs on PokerOK, the traditional Autumn World Championship of Online Poker – the WCOOP – is in full swing on PokerStars.

Many Russian-speaking players taking part in this tournament series include Denis Strebkov and Gleb Tremzin, who never miss a COOP festival.

The series didn’t start off very successfully for Gleb – a few Dipras and no final table the next day. Last night, though, he finally triumphed again.

The championship was won in the NLO8 event with a buy-in of $215 and a guarantee of $75,000. It attracted 372 entrants, but random entries are rare for mixed races.

In the 3-Max competition, Ti0373 struck a deal with opponents from Finland and Poland, giving the Russian player victory. By WCOOP standards, first place didn’t net Gleb much: $5,237 + $4,245 in bonuses. For Tremzin, however, it’s more about another title than the prize money.

Strebkov Returns

Denis Strebkov last shined at the 2018 WCOOP Series before disappearing into the sunset. Now, five years later, Russians are back to their autumn festivals. aDrENalin710 played a $5.50 cheap tournament in an unfamiliar format of Texas Hold’em, days after Dennis defeated the H.O.R.S.E. World Champion. $1,050. The victory was his eleventh in a WCOOP tournament.

Benny Glazer breaks all records

Russian Denis Strebkov is the highest-scoring player at the WCOOP, but he faces stiff competition. American poker pro Benny Glazer got off to a strong start, winning his 13th WCOOP title at the Equator, tying Strebkov’s record of five consecutive bracelets.

Almost all of his wins have come in mixed games: No Limit 2-7 Single Draw, PLO8, NL 5-card Draw, etc.

After a successful start, Benny Glazer became the absolute record holder in the Spring and Autumn Splits:

No one on earth has as many championships and as many PokerStars bracelets as Benny. However, most of the World Series of Online Poker action is yet to come.

Gleb Tremzin wins sixth WCOOP title, Strebkov’s re...

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  • This text provides updates on the ongoing Poker tournaments, specifically the WSOP and WCOOP, highlighting the achievements of Russian-speaking players, such as Denis Strebkov and Gleb Tremzin. It also mentions their winnings and records, emphasizing their dedication to these events.

  • Mclaughlin.myrtice

    This text highlights the ongoing poker tournaments on PokerOK and PokerStars, with Russian-speaking players participating and achieving notable victories. The focus is on Gleb Tremzin and Denis Strebkov, who have both had successes in the WCOOP series. Benny Glazer is also mentioned as a player with an impressive record in the WCOOP.

  • This text provides an overview of the ongoing WCOOP tournament on PokerStars, highlighting Russian-speaking players such as Denis Strebkov and Gleb Tremzin. It also mentions the success of American player Benny Glazer, who has set records in the WCOOP series. Overall, it gives insight into the current state of high-stakes online poker tournaments happening on different platforms.

  • Ebert.annabell

    This text highlights the success of Russian-speaking players in the WCOOP tournament series, with players like Denis Strebkov and Gleb Tremzin making their mark. Strebkov’s return to the tournament after five years and Benny Glazer’s record-breaking win add excitement to the upcoming World Series of Online Poker.

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