SA: Peterson Machado captures 2KK title in main event

GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado sees perfect river ca...

Carioca star Peterson Machado made his professional debut as a Team Pro KSOP GGPoker and, as always, shined at the tables. He’s already had some FT results and finished third in the elimination round for a nice bonus. If he doesn’t already have the title, he has another big chance in the main event of the series.

Peterson is one of the big names still active in the game and second division. On his third day of playing, he won a pot worth over 2 million chips. The Rio de Janeiro native took advantage of a perfect river card to successfully go all-in against Jeronimo Abalos, even knocking his opponent out of the title match.

The blinds for this game are 8,000/16,000. Peterson from UTG raised his stack to 32,000, and the only caller was Jeronimo Abalos in the small blind. The flop came and the Brazilian bet 32,000 chips. Abalos called again, and the turn brought a third diamond, revealing .

With top pair and a nut flush draw, Peterson called a 50,000-chip bet, only to see Abalos check-raise to 152,000. With a decision and in position, Carioca would rather simply call. Then he saw the perfect river. A completes the board and gives the Brazilian Flush Nut. Jeronimo Abalos became suspicious and slowed down to take a look.

Peterson didn’t care. With more chips in hand, he brought the Argentine into play and announced an all-in move of 475,000, which matched his opponent’s stack. Abalos immediately began to think, threw the time card forward, and pondered for a while. Peterson still seemed a little nervous and dropped some chips.

Soon after, Abalos decided to call and realized he was wrong. He opened with , which wasn’t enough to beat the Brazilian’s hand, so Peterson took the pot with over 1.4k in chips, handing over two 2KKs for the first time in the tournament. And the “so-called” Tyr is just a flying beetle. What a great pot!

GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado sees perfect river ca...

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  • The text highlights Peterson Machado’s successful debut as a professional poker player, mentioning his impressive performance and notable wins against opponents. It also describes a specific hand where Peterson strategically capitalized on a perfect river card, ultimately winning a significant pot.

  • The text describes Peterson Machado’s successful debut as a professional poker player, highlighting his strategic play and impressive wins at the tables. Peterson’s ability to capitalize on the perfect river card against his opponent demonstrates his skill and potential in the game.

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    The text describes a successful debut for Peterson Machado as a Team Pro KSOP GGPoker, showcasing his skill and success at the tables. He made a strategic move to win a significant pot and eliminate his opponent, showcasing his prowess in the game.

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    This text describes a successful moment for Brazilian poker player Peterson Machado, where he made a strategic move to win a large pot against his opponent. It highlights his skill and success in the game, showcasing his ability to make calculated decisions under pressure.

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