Yuri Martins gets two WCOOP FTs on Saturday

Yuri Martins makes the final table of the $10,300...

Yuri Martins is already a champion, with four second-place finishes and other final tables in this WCOOP, but he’s still keeping his foot firmly on the gas pedal. A hard-fought battle on Thursday (28th) saw the Brazilian poker star reach two final tables that will be decided on Saturday. There’s something for everyone, with high rollers and 8-game tournaments both on the list.

First, “theNERDguy” managed to secure the role by securing the FT in Event #86-H ($10,300 NLHE Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill High). The high-stakes tournament, which had 83 entrants, came to a standstill as the money bubble burst, leaving just nine players at the final table. Oddly enough, eliminations are happening at every table at the same time.

There will therefore be eight players at the final table, with the Brazilian having the smallest stack. Yuri has 199,268 chips, the equivalent of 12 big blinds. The chip leader is “Mikesonas” with 2,831,404 chips. His main rivals include David Peters “dpeters17” (812,794), Jans Arends “Graftekkel” (798,916) and Daniel Dvoress “Oxota” (221,304).

The winner received $97,936 plus bonuses. The event is scheduled for Saturday (30) at 1:30pm. The blinds are back to 8,000 / 16,000.

Event #87-H

After some time, Yuri started looking for the final table of Event #87-H ($2,100 8 – Game [Max 6 people] ). The tournament has a high turnout with 40 entrants across 8 different modes. Only five players will be added to the prize pool, and the tournament will only be canceled after the money bubble bursts.

It was a real struggle, but Yuri managed to hold on and reach the final act of the game with 312,620 chips. The chip leader is Denmark’s “Senkel92” with 1,207,566 chips. Just behind Yuri in chips is Russian Denis Strebkov, “aDrENalin710”, who was the biggest winner of the series until he was passed by Benny Glaser in this edition.

Fifth Place Prize $5,115 Five finalists will compete for $33,775 in prize money. The game will also be held on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Yuri will have two chances to win the Enea and Decacampeonato in the PokerStars Series, who knows.

Yuri Martins makes the final table of the $10,300...

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